Import Services

We are happy to handle your import needs.

Required information

  •     Name, address, phone and email of foreign seller
  •     Name, address, phone and email of foreign shipper
  •     Name, address, phone and email of end-user
  •     Name, address, phone and email of US Dealer, if different than end-user
  •     Manufacturer & country of manufacture, type (rifle, pistol, etc.), caliber, model, barrel length in inches, overall length in inches, whether it is new or used and US dollar value for each firearm
  •     End use of firearms (collection, resale, sport shooting, consignment sale, etc.)

Once we have this information, we will apply for an import permit. An approval can take up to 5 weeks. Once approved we will email the foreign seller and shipper a copy of the approved import permit and provide shipping instructions.


  •     US Customs' duty is about 3% of the total value of the shipment including value of the firearm(s) and freight cost
  •     US Customs' broker fee is $300
  •     Hansohn Brothers' processing fee is $200 per firearm
  •     Shipping to a dealer for transfer, if needed, is $40 per firearm

Please contact us for further details or any questions you may have.