Is it legal to own a silencer?

If you can own a handgun, you can own a silencer.  No special license is required in Virginia.  If you are not a Virginia resident, please check your state and local laws before purchasing.

Step 1

Choose and buy your silencer

If you are not a Virginia resident, we are happy to ship to your dealer.  Have your dealer email a copy of their license to

Step 2, For Virginia Residents Only

  • We will send you an email for the transfer details, it will come from
  • Come to our shop and we can take your fingerprints or we can send you fingerprint cards for you to complete.
  • Once we have your fingerprints and photos, we will submit the completed forms to ATF.
  • We will notify you when your approved Form 4 arrives.

Step 3, For Virginia Residents Only

Take delivery of your silencer using one of the methods below:

  • Pick up your new silencer at our shop in Culpeper.
  • Have the silencer shipped directly to the address on the Form 4. $25 processing fee.

How can we ship silencers to our Virginia customers?

  • We will mail you the ATF forms to sign and return to us.
  • Notification is sent to the Sheriff or Chief of Police of your city or county.
  • We must wait 7 days upon verification of receipt by the Sheriff or Chief of Police.
  • On the 7th day, we ship your silencer to you.